Sometimes in life, I like to look out for little signs — messages for how life is going or things I should be watching for. A while back when our school was first established, I was definitely on the lookout for an omen one way or another. Believe it or not, I got the message while pumping gas. When my car’s tank was full, the price ticker had stopped dead center on $20.19. “Huh, 2019,” I thought. “What’s going to happen then?”


So, this little happenstance has been in the back of my mind all this year. Was it a good sign? A warning? Or just a (relatively) decent price for refueling my car? I didn’t know. That is, I didn’t until very recently. Now, it’s clear 2019 is the year we’ve really hit our stride as a school.

At the time of writing, I’ve just gotten word that Minnesota School of Music is now Google’s top-rated music school in the state! This is huge news for us, especially given the many venerable music institutions that share this market with us. But this is more than just a feather in the cap of our young school — it’s an incredibly humbling achievement. Unlike other awards or achievements, topping Google’s charts is something that can only be done by getting stellar reviews from the families we serve.

So, as we close out this banner year, I want to thank our customers for their stellar support and our staff for making MnSOM the best school it could possibly be! Earning a whopping 114 five-star reviews doesn’t just happen. They’re a result of our caring, engaged community, and teachers who are dedicated to making a difference.

To our readers out there, thank you so much for the confidence you have placed in us. That you’ve chosen us for your children’s music education is an honor, and that you’ve been so willing to share your thoughts about our school online has been astounding. Your willingness to share your thoughts and experiences is how we’ve been able to learn and grow as a school and why we now hold this prestigious achievement. Without you, we literally wouldn’t be here.

And, of course, I have to mention our incredible staff. Review after five star review makes mention of how one teacher or another has made a difference in a child’s music education, and that says something. We’re fortunate to have some truly hardworking professionals on our team willing to engage with their students and perform their job on the highest level. In an industry filled with private contractors doing “gig work,” I feel so blessed to have found such dedicated teachers to be on our staff.

Together, these families and team members make up our incredible MnSOM community. I often talk about how the dream of this musical school came to me or the trials and tribulations in making it a reality. But it’s thanks to you, the people who have put your time and trust into this place and made Minnesota School of Music more than I could have ever imagined. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And here’s to an amazing 2020!

–Eric Nehring