Bravo Concert Series

Our Bravo Concert Series is a premier, large-format event open to all Minnesota School of Music students. Every spring and fall, our students and families pack the auditorium at the beautiful Sundin Music Hall to share their talents. These formal-but-fun events provide MnSOM students valuable stage experience typically afforded to college students and professional, touring performers. The Bravo Concert Series at Minnesota School of Music is the perfect opportunity for emerging performers to strut their stuff!

Showcase Concert Series

Our Showcase concert series is an exclusive, invite-only concert experience offered to our most advanced and stage-ready students. To qualify, students must receive an invite from their instructor and pass a performance audition. Qualified students get the opportunity to take the stage at a premium venue with a live faculty backing band. This annual event is Minnesota School of Music’s flagship performance event!

Studio Concert Series

Studio concerts are small-format events geared toward first-time performers who taking the stage for the first time. These events give novice performers a scaled-down stage experience which helps prepare them for the big stage. To keep things intimate, audience size is limited to 30 audience members. The Studio Concert Series at Minnesota School of Music is the perfect first-time performance opportunity!