At MnSOM, we love it when our students have some big wins. So, when Connor Poitras reached an incredible milestone in his musical journey, we just had to share it with you. Connor has completed his fifth straight year of guitar lessons at our school and has the musical chops to prove it! We sat down with this aspiring musician to get his thoughts on the past five years and what he’s learned along the way.


“I chose guitar because it was a cool instrument,” Connor tells us with a laugh. “Shaun Mendez, Sam Hunt, Ed Sheran — so many of the musicians I liked were guitarists.” Since those early days, this long-time MnSOM student has stayed true to his early inspirations. Recently, he’s mastered modern pop hits like “Believer” and “Body Like a Back Road” and even plays in a school band. Now it’s Connor’s impressing people with the coolness of his own guitar skills.

“I love seeing how passionate he is about music,” Connor’s mother tells us, “and I love seeing how much he applies it in his life.”

“It’s great for hand-eye coordination,” Connor agrees, explaining that he balances his guitar playing with soccer and basketball on top of running cross-country. When asked about his busy schedule, the student-athlete seemed undaunted, explaining, “My schedule worked out where I only have one of those things a day. I just set aside time to practice when I get home from school.”

Connor’s biggest takeaway, however, is his perseverance. Offering advice to aspiring guitarists, he says, “Try not to get frustrated. There are going to be times when you struggle, but just take a deep breath and keep going.” When asked what his next goal was after hitting this five-year milestone, Connor didn’t hesitate to answer: “I’m shooting for another five years … it feels good to have come this far.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Connor, and congratulations on all your hard work!