Have you read “Beyond Theory” and now find yourself eager for more content? Or are you considering reading the book but unsure if it’s for you? Whether you’ve read the book cover to cover or are a complete newbie, Eric’s podcast will give you what you’re looking for.


The “Music Teacher Podcast” will both explain and expand on the concepts found in “Beyond Theory.” Eric will do a deep-dive into the contents of the book, with one episode dedicated to each chapter. The podcast will allow Eric to go into more detail about his background and teaching methods than he was able to in the book’s 123 pages.

The opening episodes of the podcast focus on Eric’s upbringing. The middle episodes explore Eric’s college years. And the final episodes cover how Eric created Minnesota School of Music and its core values, the HELPS system (Humility, Effort, Learning, Passion, and Service).

While the podcast is primarily aimed at aspiring music teachers, parents may also be interested to learn more about how MnSOM selects our teachers and what distinguishes us from other music schools. There are also useful tidbits for small-business owners about what it takes to be successful and how Eric’s life mission statement has guided his life and career.

Averaging 8–10 minutes in length, each episode is a bite-size nugget of information that you can enjoy during your morning commute, during quick exercise, or as you’re waiting to pick up the kids from school. All 16 episodes of the “Music Teacher Podcast” are available in full now on your favorite podcast streaming platform!